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    Columbus Publishers open access membership is strongly dedicated towards supporting the research all over the world with no obstacles or boundaries. Columbus Publishers offer various kinds of membership for scholar researchers, independent researchers, professors, scientists, reviewers, editors, clinical doctors, and students. Assets got from the membership will cover the Article Processing Fee and Grants, Financial Aid to youthful researchers and specialists. Columbus Membership has been acquainted with assistance the writers (who submit and publishers the articles regularly) to avoid of article processing charges and to give more advantages. There are numerous adaptable alternatives at Columbus for you to pick the one that suits your specialties.


    Advantages with the Columbus Membership:

    The Membership plans offer access to the authors for publishing any number of articles in the timespan of membership. If you are the author or the co-author of a paper, at that point you will be endorsed a decent waiver on the articles.

    Stays up with the latest with most recent updates, recent developments and so forth through legitimate email.

    The individuals are given priorities in the publication procedure and get smooth peer review process during their article publication.

    The membership holders are have a special option to publish their paper in short period of time.

    Extraordinary Advantages and waivers on conferences and events organized by the Columbus Publishers.


    Open Access Model is Useful in for kind of people and groups:

    Researchers as authors: Immediate accessibility and visibility for research output and thus increased visibility and usage of their experiment results. Open Access may even lead to an increase of impact of the subject and article.

    Researchers who are looking for information: Access to content from everywhere, not only from a campus but also from any site with Wi-Fi access.

    Libraries: Increased access to the particular audience and financially open access model is a more attractive and easy model than the current subscription model.

    Science: Enhanced and accelerated research cycle.

    Teachers & students: Unlimited access to material, enriched education, allowing equality of learning in poor as well as in rich nations.

    Enterprises: Access to critical information.

    Citizens and society: Easy access to knowledge / access to the results of a publicly funded research.

    Publishers: To enhance the transparent business model, ultimate online article distribution, ultimate visibility for articles.


    Types of Membership:

    Individual/Independent membership: Independent authors or researchers will be comes under this type of membership and there will be 30% discount on APC. This is applicable to research scholars, post-doctoral fellows, assistant/associate professors, etc.

    Student Membership: Students who are doing their research work are comes under this type of membership and will be furnished with a 35% waiver on the APC. Applications presented by students or post-doctoral scientists should submit a brief statement from their Head of their department or supervisor or group leader.

    Organizational/Institutional membership: Research organizations or Institutions are comes under this type of membership and a 30% waiver on APC is offered to all the researchers from the concerned research organization or institution.

    University/Corporate Membership: University/Corporate companies come under this kind of membership and a 20% waiver on APC is offered to all the authors from the concerned University/Corporate Company.

    If you have any queries, please email us at: contactus@columbuspublishers.com

    Here you can understand easily about Columbus membership plans:


    $4000 /Year
    • $9,000/3 Year
    • $12,000/5 Year


    $3000 /Year
    • $9,000/3 Year
    • $12,000/5 Year


    $8000 /Year
    • $9,000/3 Year
    • $12,000/5 Year


    $3000 /Year
    • $9,000/3 Year
    • $12,000/5 Year