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    Cover letter:
    Columbus publisher is requests to the corresponding author to submit the cover letter which includes the description how the article is suitable for publication in the journal and statement of the article has not been published elsewhere. If the corresponding author of the manuscript is a student, then he/she must acquire the approval from the university department prior to submitting the article..

    The title of the manuscript should be relevant to the article and the title must be describe the main purpose of the paper. Represent the title in Capitalize each word except prepositions, articles and conjunctions. All the scientific names/species/botanical names should be represented in italics.

    List of Author(s) and Affiliation:
    Provide the list of authors along with Full Name, Department/Institution/University, and City should be drafted with the article. The corresponding author must be represented with asterisk (*).

    Corresponding Author(s ):
    Author Full Name, Department/Institution/University, City, State, Country, Telephone, Fax and Email and phone number.

    Abstract is the main part of the article and it introduces the article and it should not exceed 400 words. The abstract should summarize the main content of the article. Try to avoid using citations if possible.

    keywords should be written in alphabetical order, separated with semicolons.

    Here write the list of abbreviations which are presented in the article.

    Here explain the reason for the research: identifies and discusses findings of others, includes a review of the literature.

    Materials and Methods:
    Describes the research population or study sample, describes the method used to gather information or data collection and describes the means used for measuring or measures.

    summarizes the results and present findings using text, charts, graphs and tables and also provide the legends for tables, charts, graphs and figures.

    Here analyze findings, explains the importance of the research, and suggest for future projects.

    List the number of citations used in the research (APA, MLA styles are accepted).

    Includes affirmation of individuals, grant details, funds, and conflict of interest.

    Format Type:
    Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX), .PDF.